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Family Movie Night!!! Free: Free Family Movie Night under the stars July 15th 8pm movie start time 8:45.  Popcorn included.  In between Town Hall and the Middle School

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School Meal Delivery Procedure for Volunteers

School Meal Delivery Procedure for Volunteers

  • Bags containing meals will be placed out for delivery at 11:30 am.
  • Bags will be placed on tables by the main entrance to South Street School in the area shown in the below photo.
  • Volunteers shall arrive no earlier than 11:25 am, and enter via the west entrance (closest to High School) and line up their cars along the sidewalk facing east (as shown below).
  • Volunteers must remain in their vehicles until all bags have been placed on tables and food preparation staff have returned inside.
  • Volunteers will then sequentially pull their vehicle up to table, exit their vehicle to pick up bags (no more than 6 bags per vehicle) and then exit via the east entrance.
  • Each bag will have a pin code, delivery address and phone number affixed to them. Volunteers will deliver each bag to the listed address. Generally, the bags should be left at the main entryway to the house. If there is any confusion as to where to leave the bag please call the phone number to clarify. After placing to bag at the door, ring the doorbell or knock on the door but do not remain until the door is answered. Please return immediately to your car and exit upon ringing or knocking. It is important to eliminate any physical interaction between deliverer and recipient.
  • The privacy of the recipient is paramount. Volunteers shall not share with others any information that may identify the recipient. We are relying on the cooperation and good judgment of our volunteers in strictly enforcing this rule.