Food Insecurity Resources

A recent notice was published by the Board of Education regarding ​student breakfast and lunch during the current school closure. We are proud to work with Windsor Locks Public Schools in making these meals available to our income-qualified students.

The notice also provided options for people facing food insecurity who are not students. The Senior Center offers a Meals on Wheels program which is provided through Community Renewal Team (CRT). This service is only for those that are homebound and 60 years of age and older. Please call 860-627-1425 for further information.

The Senior Center also offers a daily lunch program. Normally, lunch is served daily at the Senior Center but due to the current Coronavirus19 crisis, it is available only on a Grab and Go basis. This program is also provided through the Community Renewal Team (CRT) to seniors 60 and over and we are currently working to determine if this program can be expanded to provide meals to additional persons in that age group at this time. Reservations are required 24 hours in advance. Please call 860-627-1425. There is a suggested donation of $2.50. (Please note there was an error in this contact number in the original notice.

The Windsor Locks Food Pantry is also operating as usual. The food pantry provides qualifying town residents with a bag of non-perishable food items. If you have not already signed up to utilize the food pantry program, please contact the Windsor Locks Social Services office at 860-627-1446. Proof of residence and income is required. Anyone wishing to donate to the food pantry- please call the office at 860-627-1446 to arrange porch pick up of your items. Or an email can be sent to [email protected].

The Social Services office is not able to provide prepared meals of any kind.

A mobile FoodShare truck is available to everyone (no proof of residency or income needed). They are located in the parking lot at St. Robert’s church on South Elm St. every other Friday. The next scheduled visit is 3/20 at 9am. Please bring your own bags! It is recommended that you arrive early-approx 8:30am. Please refer to FoodShare website for site closings.

Paulines Stockpot Kitchen is a fantastic resource for food! Please see their Facebook page for information.

Lastly, several grocery stores and Amazon offer grocery delivery. Geissler’s Grocery Store in East Windsor is offering grocery delivery at a reduced cost during the current crisis. The contact number is 860 627-0176.