Effort to Deliver Meals to Students Successful – Will Continue Daily

A team of Windsor Locks Public School System teachers, administrators and food service workers combined forces with dozens of volunteer citizens today to deliver 210 breakfast and lunch packages to Windsor Locks students forced to stay home indefinitely by the Coronavirus 19 pandemic.  The effort will continue each school day for as long as the school shut-down continues.

It takes about 30 volunteers each day to complete the delivery.  Some additional help will be needed.   Pick-up takes place at 11:30 each day and delivery takes about one-half hour.  If you wish to volunteer please send an email listing your name, address and cell phone number to [email protected]

The procedures volunteers must follow to deliver the meals in a safe and efficient manner as well as to maintain the privacy of the recipients can be found here. It is vital that these procedures are adhered to strictly.