Windsor Locks required 5 year Affordable Housing Plan Survey

Windsor Locks is working on an Affordable Housing Plan as required by Connecticut General Statute (CGS) 8-30j. To better inform the creation of the Plan the Town is seeking input from you regarding current local housing choices, what your personal experiences have been and what your hopes and needs are for the future for you, your family and friends and next generations. Affordable Housing does not just mean less expensive, rather it’s based on local and individual income. Generally speaking, an affordable home is one where the resident spends no more than 30% of their income to pay the rent or mortgage. The State of Connecticut has further criteria for which housing units can be considered “affordable” under CGS 8-30g, which requires that towns maintain 10% of overall units as affordable. Affordable Housing can include single family home FHA loans, accessory dwelling units, condos and apartments. Please take a moment and click here:

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