Windsor Locks Offers COVID Vaccine Hotline and Assistance

The Town of Windsor Locks has rolled out a COVID-19 vaccine hotline and outreach program to assist citizens who may have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine or need assistance registering for the vaccine and scheduling appointments.  The program relies on the help of volunteers overseen by Windsor Locks Senior Center staff. 

Winsor Locks First Selectmen Chris Kervick and Senior Center Director Ann Marie Claffey determined there was a need for the program after fielding dozens of calls from citizens, particularly seniors, who were experiencing difficulty registering for vaccinations or scheduling vaccination appointments.  “Getting our citizens safely and efficiently vaccinated is the most important thing we can do right now to bring this pandemic to a close,” noted first Selectman Kervick, “but the process can be difficult especially for people who do not own or use a computer, have no email address or have limited internet access.”  

The vaccine hotline telephone number is 860 654-8979.  The program kicks off at 9:00 am on Wednesday January 27, 2021.  Volunteers assigned to the call center will conduct telephone outreach to targeted citizens and receive calls made to the vaccine hotline.  Call center staff will determine if assistance in needed.  Assistance can range from information about the availability and safety of the vaccine, registration help, vaccination scheduling, appointment reminders or transportation arrangements.

Once a volunteer call center staff member determines there is a need for assistance, the citizen will be put in contact with a trained volunteer who will become the citizen’s sole point of contact and who will work with the citizen to provide the needed assistance.

Senior Center Director Ann Marie Claffey expressed her pleasure with the generosity of Windsor Locks citizens willing to help with the program.  “As they have throughout the pandemic, Windsor Locks citizens have stepped up to make sure that our seniors are not forgotten and that they get the help they need,” Claffey noted.

Citizens wishing to volunteer should email their name and contact information to [email protected].  No in-person contact is required and volunteers can limit the number of cases they are able or willing to handle.