Public Parks Remain Open With Restrictions Announcement

Windsor Locks Parks Remain Open with Restrictions

The Town of Windsor Locks is doing all that it can to keep our Windsor Locks parks open during the Coronavirus 2019 epidemic.  We believe that providing public spaces for citizens to get outside in the fresh air is an important municipal service.

However, we can only keep the parks open if our citizens utilize them in a safe and socially responsible manner.  That means using them individually or in very small groups and observing a minimum of 6 feet of social distance from other users.  That also means staying home if you have any flu symptoms whatsoever.

Please do not engage in competitive sports or group games.  Do not congregate in picnic areas and parking lots.  Over the last few days, I have received several reports and personally observed unsafe use of basketball facilities.  As of this morning, the Park Director and I have instructed the Department of Public Works to remove or otherwise disable the basketball hoops at our town parks.  It is unfortunate that this temporary step is necessary, but irresponsible use of these facilities forced us to make this decision.

The current public health crisis forces us to rethink the way we act and interact in public spaces.  Please remember that these temporary measures are necessary to protect all of our citizens, including the most vulnerable among us.