Mailbox Survival Tips

Mailbox Repairs and Replacements are the Homeowner's Responsibility.

The Town will fix a damaged mailbox or replace a mailbox only when there is physical evidence that such damage was caused by the impact from Town equipment.

Heavy snow coming off a plow blade will often knock over and damage mailboxes which have not been adequately mounted, braced or which haven't been properly installed or maintained.  The Town will not repair or replace maiboxes or posts that have been pushed down by snow.

Mail Box Maintenance Recommendations to Homeowners:
  • Inspect your mailbox post for age cracks, dry rot and deterioration at the bottom where the post goes into the ground.  Posts with cracks, dry rot, or deterioration at the bottom are likely to fail when wet snow hits them.
  • Check the attachment hardware.  Rusty nails or screws eventually fail.  Use long enough screws to ensure the box and it's support arm are secure.
  • Lubricate the hinge points on the mailbox door.  Constant opening and closing of a mailbox door with rusty hinge points cause the pivot holes to enlarge and the heads of the pins (rivets) to pull through, allowing the door to come off.
  • Keep the mailbox door closed until removing mail.
  • Only purchase posts made of dense pressure treated wood.
  • Decorative and light gauge metal posts and mailboxes are not recommended.

Guide : United States Post Office Mail Box Standards

Reporting a Mailbox Damage Claim
  • Report the damage to the Department of Public Works by phone at 860-627-1405 xt. 200. In the event your call is not answered right away, please leave a detailed message including your name, address and return telephone number.
  • The Town will investigate each mail box damage claim within 1 week of being notified (weather permitting).   If the Town determines the mail box or post was damaged by Town equipment and not by heavy snow, the Town will repair or replace with a standard mailbox on a pre-fabricated 4x4 pressure treated wood post with support arm per USPS standards as soon as weather and time permit.
  • If it is determined that the Town is not responsible for mailbox damage, the resident will be notified ASAP.
  • For further action, a resident may file a written claim with the Town Clerk's Office at 50 Church Street.