Compost Site

Effective May 3, 2021

The compost site will be open every Saturday and Sunday 8am – 2pm excluding Federal Holidays until further notice.

A valid 2021 Compost Site Permit is required for entry into the compost site.

Permits are available at the Public Works Office located at 6 Stanton Road during the following hours:

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 8am – 12pm.

Friday’s by appointment only.

Compost site permits will not be issued on Saturday's.

Compost permits will be issued to residents of Windsor Locks who provide proof of a valid vehicle registration for the vehicle that will be used at the site and which is registered in the Town of Windsor Locks.  Bring the valid vehicle registration and ID when applying for a permit.

Compostable Items Accepted:  Leaves, sticks, mushrooms, pine cones, acorns, thatch, old mulch that is free of rocks and soil.

Wood Waste Accepted:  Tree material such as limbs, branches, logs, bushes and shrubs with no stumps.

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS INCLUDE:   Food waste, stumps, sod, stones, pressure treated wood, construction materials, household trash.

Green grass clippings are accepted but must be free of other items and placed in the designated green grass area.See site personnel for directions.