Parks and Facilities


SECTION 1 PARK AND RECREATION AREAS: The following public parks and recreation areas shall be subject to the rules and regulations set forth in this Ordinance:

SECTION 2 HOURS OF OPERATION: The parks and recreation areas shall be open during such hours as may be determined by the Town of Windsor Locks Park Commission (Commission). When so determined, said hours shall be conspicuously posted at each park of operation and/or fails to post established hours of operation, the parks(s) or recreation area(s) shall be from dawn to dusk, except in the case of a lighted event. During formal recreation programs sanctioned and conducted by the Town of Windsor Locks Department, staff members of said department shall have control over such programs and those areas of the park or recreation area where the programs take place.

SECTION 3 HUNTING AND FIREARMS: No person shall hunt, or carry or discharge any firearm, as defined in Connecticut General Statues on or within any park or recreation area within the Town of Windsor Locks, unless he or she is an authorized law enforcement officer.

SECTION 4 FISHING: No person shall fish in or upon any of the waters within or adjacent to any park or recreation area except in accordance with such rules and regulations as from time to time may be established by the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection or the Commission.

SECTION 5 DOGS: No person shall bring or cause to be brought into any park or recreational area any dog(s) unless said dog(s) is leashed and curbed under the control of such person. All animal excrement, from dogs or other animals must be immediately contained and thereafter removed by the animal's owner or custodian, as the case may be.

SECTION 6 ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES: The possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on or within park and recreation areas is prohibited without a permit from the State of Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection, Liquor Control Commission and written permission from the Commission.

SECTION 7 USE OF PARK AND RECREATION AREAS BY GROUPS: The Commission or the Park Director may issue permits to groups or organizations to use certain designated areas of a park or recreation area for group or organization activities. As a condition to the issuance of such permits, the Commission or Park Director may require police protection for said activity. Any required police protection shall be at the sole cost of the group or organization securing the permit, and shall be in addition to, not in lieu of, any police protection required by other ordinances of the Town of Windsor Locks.

SECTION 8 SMOKING: Smoking of any type by persons under the age of eighteen (18) is prohibited.

SECTION 9 REFUSE AND RUBBISH: No person shall dump, deposit, discard or cause to be discharged in or upon the waters and grounds of any park or recreation area any rubbish, refuse, litter, garbage, or similar waste material except in marked receptacles provided for such purposes.

SECTION 10 DAMAGE TO PROPERTY: No person shall destroy, deface, damage remove, or in any way diminish the value of any park or recreation area, or any part thereof, including, but in no way limited to, buildings, structures, trees, shrubs, vegetation, facilities, or installations.  Furthermore, no golfing of any form is allowed.

SECTION 11 PROTECTION OF WILDLIFE: No person shall destroy, molest, kill, injure, capture, or in any way harm any birds, game, or wildlife on or within any park or recreation area.

SECTION 12 NOTICES, SIGNS OR POSTERS: No person shall erect, place, or post any notice, sign, poster, advertisement, or other form of visual communication in or upon any park or recreation area except as may be required or permitted by any federal, state or local agency, including the Commission.

SECTION 13 TRAILERS AND CAMPING AND RECREATIONAL VEHICLES: No person shall drive or cause to be driven any trailer, camping vehicle, recreational vehicle or similar mobile facility designed to provide camping or living accommodations, into or upon any park or recreation area, for the purpose of using such vehicle or facility for camping or living arrangements.

SECTION 14: CAMPING: No person shall camp or remain upon the grounds of any park or recreation area beyond the hours of operation of the park or recreation area without a written permit from the Commission or Park Director.

SECTION 15: SALE OF ARTICLES: No person shall sell or offer for sale any article on park or recreational areas of the town or advertise or solicit for any purpose therein, unless written permission is granted from the Park Commission, and any other appropriate or applicable local state body.

SECTION 16 OPEN FIRES: No person shall kindle, use or maintain any open fire in or upon any park or recreation facility except with written permission from the Commission or Park Director and within specifically designated areas and within receptacles or fireplaces specifically designed for such purpose. Any person using said fireplaces or receptacles shall not leave the immediate area of the fireplace or receptacle unattended or unextinguished.

SECTION 17 GAMBLING: No person shall play, engage in, conduct, participate in, or caused to be played or conducted, any game of chance or other gambling or gaming activity in or upon any park or recreational area.

SECTION 18 OPERATION AND PARKING OF MOTOR VEHICLES: Persons shall operate and/or park their motor vehicles, including automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, motorbikes, ski-mobiles, and minibikes, in or upon any park or recreation area in compliance with such rules and regulations as may be established and posted or displayed by the Commission or the Town of Windsor Locks Police Department.

SECTION 19 COMPLIANCE WITH OTHER LAWS: Any person, group or organization using any park or recreation shall abide by all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances in existence or as may be modified or promulgated hereafter.

SECTION 20 ENFORCEMENT: The Town of Windsor Locks Police Department shall be charged with the enforcement of the provisions of this ordinance, and any person found in violation of this ordinance shall be subject to a fine in an amount no greater than $99.00, in addition to any other fines or penalties which may apply.

Adopted March 8, 1999

Amended September 11, 2017


It is understood that the above listed policy may not cover all situations. If such a situation arises, the Park Commission or the Recreation Director, acting on the behalf of the Commission, may adjust the reservation and/or the fee.

The Park Commission reserves the right to refuse any applicants.

If circumstances warrant, a group may apply for an extension of the 10:00 curfew of the lighted field.

All groups using any facility must name the Town of Windsor Locks as an Additional Insured for liability.

All requests must be submitted in writing to the Park and Recreation Office thirty days prior to use. Proof of liability certificate must accompany request.



GROUP A - Activities conducted for the direct benefit of Park and Recreation sponsored activities and all other Windsor Locks based clubs, groups, organizations, leagues and residents.
1. Windsor Locks church and church organizations.
2. Windsor Locks non-profit organizations, Lions, Knights of Columbus, etc.
3. Windsor Locks based clubs and leagues.
a. All Windsor Locks based clubs and leagues must have 50% of their teams with Windsor Locks residents and 40% of total players from Windsor Locks.
4. Windsor Locks school groups.
5. Any Windsor Locks adult team must have 40% of team members residing in Windsor Locks. All new teams must have immediate compliance; existing teams will be allowed a grace period of one year.

GROUP B - Any Windsor Locks business.

GROUP C - Any moneymaking organization that wishes to use the facilities will be dealt with on an individual basis.

GROUP D - Any Windsor Locks based group that falls into Group A that wishes to host a State of Regional Tournament will be dealt with on an individual basis.

GROUP E - Town Hall Gym use only - Any regional team that has a representative from Windsor Locks will be dealt with on an individual basis.


1. TOWN GYMNASIUM - For weekday and weekend, may be used after 5:00 pm and up to 10:00 pm.
2. PESCI POOL - For weekday and weekend, subject to recreation pool schedule, may be used up to 10:00 pm.
3. PARKS AND FIELDS - For weekday and weekend, open from dawn to dusk.
a. Lighted softball field maybe used up to 10:00 pm.
b. Lighted basketball court maybe used up to 10:00 pm.
c. Lighted soccer field - On Friday and Saturday, may be used up to 10:00 pm. All other days, may be used up to 9:00 pm. On Sunday through Thursday, reservation of the field for games is limited to two days. For all days, practice may be held up to 8:00 pm.

  • Field light users are required to keep an accurate log of date and time that lights are turned on and off. Failure to comply may result in additional charges deemed appropriate by the Windsor Locks Park Commission, or by the Park and Recreation Director as their proxy.

Amended September 11, 2017


Parks No fee
Field No fee
Lighted Football Field Actual Lighting Costs
Lighted Soccer Field $65 for 1 game
Lighted Baseball Field $20 per hour
Lighted Softball Field $50 for 1 game
$70 for 2 games
$90 for 3 games
Pool If exclusive use,
Lifeguard fee
Town Hall Gym Group A  No fee
Group B  Fee determined by Park Director

The Park Commission reserves the right to charge a gym maintenance fee.