Notary Public

Notary Service at the Town Hall 

The Town Clerk’s office provides Notary services for Windsor Locks residents. This is a free service provided in the Windsor Locks Town Clerk's Office!

Note: We do not notarize a document relating to real property in the Town of Windsor Locks, Wills and Testaments or Power of Attorney. For more information, please call us at (860) 627-1441

Become a Licensed Notary: 

Upon receipt of his or her commission, a Notary must appear before the Town Clerk of the town of residence within 30 days to be sworn in, the commission recorded and a sample of his or her signature taken. Optionally, the Notary may record his or her commission in the town of business as well. There is a $20 filing fee for Certification of Notary Public.

Find Information on how to become a Notary Public in Connecticut Here!