Vital Records

Certified Copies of Vital Records

Certified copies of Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates are available in the Town Clerk’s office for events taking place in Windsor Locks and for those who were residents of Windsor Locks at the time of the event. The cost for a certified copy is $20.00. Please see the following links for further instructions on obtaining a certified copy.

In order to receive a certified copy by mail, please include:

  • A check (or money order) payable to the town of Windsor Locks
  • A completed application request (below)
  • A return envelope with postage
  • A copy of your photo identification

Marriage License

Death Certificate

Birth Certificate

(No Wallet Size Copies Available)

Mail completed form, payment, and appropriate ID to:

Town Clerk

ATTN: Vital Records

Town of Windsor Locks
50 Church Street
Windsor Locks, CT 06096


How Do I make a correction or Amendment to a Vital Record?

You must provide to the registrar of the town where the vital event took place, a notarized affidavit affirming that the existing vital record is incorrect or incomplete, and that the newly provided information is accurate. Along with your affidavit, you must submit documentation proving that the information to be entered onto the record is accurate.

Contact the Vital Records office in the town where the vital event occurred for further information to determine what type of documentation will be needed to support the requested amendment or correction.

Additional Links

Requesting a Correction or Amendment to a Vital Record

Gender Change

Connecticut State Library -History & Genealogy: Reference


Genealogical Research

If you are a current member of a genealogical society that is incorporated or authorized to do business or conduct affairs in Connecticut, you are entitled to access all vital records except confidential files related to adoption, paternity, surrogacy agreements, and sex amendments related to gender re-assignment (see the current list of incorporated genealogical societies on the CT State Library Website). Also, note that genealogists may not access the social security numbers on vital records consistent with federal law.

If you would like access to the Windsor Locks Vital records you may make an appointment by calling (860) 624-1441 to do genealogical research or you may do research with the State Vital Records Office at (860) 509-7955.  The vital records registry maintained by the State only contains records from 1897 to the present.  For older records, you will need to contact the local vital records office or the Connecticut State Library.

You are required to provide your valid genealogical research card at the time of your appointment.