Blight Enforcement Office

Blight Enforcement Office

50 Church Street
Windsor Locks, CT 06096

Phone: (860) 627-1447

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM M - W
8:00 AM – 6:00 PM TH

Blight Enforcement Officer

James McGowan

Blight Ordinance - effective 6/8/2018 (what is blight?)

A BLIGHTED PREMISES is any building, structure or parcel of land in which at least one of the following conditions exist:

(a) It is dilapidated or becoming dilapidated as documented by the Building Official;

(b) It is attracting illegal activity as documented by the Police Department;

(c) It is a fire hazard as determined by the Fire Marshal or as documented by the Fire Department;

(d) It is determined by the Building Official or the Health Department reports that the condition of the building, structure or parcel of land poses a serious or immediate danger to the safety, health or general welfare of the community;

(e) There are abandoned, inoperable or unregistered motor vehicles on the premises. One inoperable or unregistered vehicle may be maintained upon the premises provided that that it be rendered safe and inaccessible.

  • The motor vehicle’s exterior shall be fully intact and shall be locked or otherwise secured.
  • The motor vehicle shall be free of jagged, sharp, or protruding metal or glass parts.
  • The motor vehicle shall be covered and secured by a motor vehicle cover designed for such use. Tarps or other plastic covers are not acceptable.
  • The area around the motor vehicle shall be maintained and mowed. All brush and growth shall be controlled.
  • The motor vehicle shall be located behind the building line of the dwelling and not within the setback of the boundaries of the property.

(f) There are conditions which unreasonably hinder the use of adjacent properties, block or interfere with the use of the public sidewalk, street, or right-of-way, obstruct the visibility of any road sign, obstruct a utility line or other cables to or around the premises, or extend or infringe beyond the boundaries of the premises;

(g) It violates any state statutes or regulations; the Windsor Locks Charter, ordinances or regulations; or the conditions of any zoning or use permits granted by any state or municipal agency;

(h) It is a factor that is seriously depreciating property values in the neighborhood;


It contains a Property Maintenance Violation:

(a) All premises shall be graded, drained, kept free of persistent standing water and maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition. Surface and sub-surface water shall be appropriately drained to prevent the development of stagnant ponds.

(b) Shopping baskets, carts or wagons shall not be left unattended or standing, and the baskets, carts or wagons shall be collected as often as necessary and removed to an appropriate retention area intended for such purpose.

(c) All fences shall be maintained. Such maintenance shall include, but not be limited to, repainting if needed and the replacement or repair of fences which are in substantial disrepair.

(d) Grass, weeds or similar ground cover shall not reach a height of greater than twelve (12) inches on any premises. Front yards shall not be allowed to deteriorate into unattended, bare dirt patches resulting from vehicular use, persistent lawn parking, or a gross lack of lawn maintenance.

(e) Any planting strip fronting the premise shall be maintained in a safe condition, mowed as necessary, and free of litter or noxious plants.

(f) Steps, walks, driveways and other paved areas shall be repaired if they impede safe passage.

(g) Yards, courts, lots, porches, patios and decks shall be kept clean and free of physical hazards, rodent harborage and infestation, and shall be maintained in a manner that will prevent accumulations of trash, garbage, litter, debris and rubbish. The owner of the property shall remove discarded or inoperative appliances, furnishings or machinery and shall not maintain upholstered furniture in outdoor locations.

(h) All signs exposed to the public view shall be maintained in good repair. A non-operative or broken electrical or other sign shall be repaired or removed.

(I) All clothing donation and collection bins may only be placed upon a property in accordance with the zoning regulations, shall be emptied at least weekly, and any and all items left outside the bins shall be removed within 24 hours of being placed there.

(j) A condition that violates the Connecticut State Building Code shall be considered a property
maintenance violation.

Please report sidewalk & noise complaints, crime, and similar issues to the Windsor Locks PD at (860) 627-1461 or 911.