Staff Directory
Saturday May 27, 2017


50 Church Street, Windsor Locks, CT 06096

Balboni, Denise Selectman 860-623-0125
Barsanti, Susan Executive Assistant to First Selectmen 860-627-1444
Bartley, Elizabeth Registrar (R) 860-654-1619
Bourque, Jennifer Administrative Assistant Building Dept. 860-627-1447 x 321
Capella, Maria Assistant Town Clerk 860-627-1441 x313
Claffey, Ann Marie Senior Center Director 860-627-1425
Cooke, Becky Assistant Assessor 860-627-1448 x310
Crochetiere, Robert Chairman, IWWC 860-860-623-0709
Doody, Mark Building Official 860-627-1447, x320
Donahue, John Fire Marshall's Office 860-627-1467
Duffy, Elizabeth Assessor 860-627-1448 x309
Eichwald, Eve Assistant Finance Director 860-627-1449, x327
Ferrari, Diane Asst. to Park and Recreation Director 860-627-1420 x323
Ferrari, John Registrar (D) 860-654-1619
Fournier, Bill Marine Officer 860-805-7976
Frawley, Dick Chairman, Conservation Committee 860-623-1455
Gilmore, Heidi Social Services Director 860-627-1446
Griskewicz, Joe Youth Services Director 860-627-1482
Harrington, Paul Chairman, Board of Finance 203-247-2200
Hill, Michelle L. Selectman  860-623-1609
Hamel, William R. Town Clerk 860-627-1441 x312
Hannaford, Mike Chairman, Police Commission 860-627-1461
Hogan-Cunningham, Rosemary Chairman, CONA 860-623-0144
Juszczynski, Peter Tax Collector 860-627-1415
Kane, Heather Administrative Assistant, WPCA 860-627-1490
Kervick, J. Christopher  First Selectman 860-627-1444
King, Pat Chairman, BOE 860-627-0857
Kuczarski, Gary Superintendent, WPCA 860-627-1490
Lapointe, Lori Assistant to Senior Center Director 860-627-1425
Malec, Gloria Library Director 860-627-1495
Malo, Dan Blight Officer 860-627-1447 x346
Mantie, Jaimie Housing Authority Director 860-627-1455 x202
Moore, Amanda Finance Director 860-627-1449 x325
Netto, Darren Chairman, Park Commission 860-627-1420
O'Connor, Shane Chairman, ZBA 860-627-0765
Orcutt, Cindy Assistant Tax Collector 860-627-1415 x305
Osanitsch, Eric Chief of Police 860-627-1470
Patel, Gaurang Accounts Payable Clerk 860-627-1449 x328
Pearce, Eileen Librarian 860-627-1495
Pfaffenbichler, Sharon Secretary, Chief of Police 860-627-1461
Philibrick, Carl Chairman, EIDC 860-627-5974
Puia, Vic Emergency Management Director 860-623-4144
Roberts, Laurie Chief Probate Clerk 860-627-1450 x316
Rodriguez, Jennifer Town Planner 860-627-1447 x322
Ruggerio, Carol Records Clerk, Police Department 860-627-1461
Ruggerio, Gary Fire Department Chief 860-627-1468 x159
Sissick, Phil Director of Public Works 860-627-1405, 860-627-1406
Walker, Shannon Human Resources Director 860-627-1431
Whalen, Amy Administrative Assistant, Public Works 860-627-1405
Wrabel, David Director of Park and Recreation 860-627-1420 x324
Zelman, Steven Probate Court Judge 860-627-1450
Ziemian, Cathy Payroll Clerk 80-627-1449, Ext. 326
Zimnock, Vincent Chairman, Planning and Zoning 860-623-4810


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