Yard and Leaf Collections

Curbside collections of bagged yard-waste began on Monday, April 21, 2021 by All American Waste.

Curbside collections will continue every Monday with the final collection of the year being on Monday, December 6, 2021. Only paper Lawn & Leaf bags will be accepted for collection.

Please do not over fill or place any household trash inside your bagged yard waste & leaves (examples: plastic bags, containers, rocks, dirt, sod, logs). Anything deemed unacceptable at the time of collection will be refused.

All bagged items should be at the curb, but not in the road, no later than 6am on Monday for collection by All American Waste.

If bags aren't collected by 4 p.m. on Monday, please call All American Waste at (860) 289-7850.

Acceptable Items include: Leaves, pine-needles, pine cones, acorns, twigs, small branches, dead plant matter from last year’s annuals and/or perennial’s, thatch, and green grass clippings.

Twigs/branches may be bundled and tied with string/twine for collection. Bundled items must not be longer than 3feet in length and no larger than a thumb in diameter.