What can I bring to the DPW?

All persons coming to the Public Works Garage in Windsor Locks are required to check in at the office before proceeding past the stop sign.  If coming on Saturday, you must check in with the attendant at the garage.  No items should be dropped off before checking with a staff member.  Once items are accepted, they are considered Town property and should not be removed by anyone other than the Town.

The following items may be accepted (the Town has the right to refuse acceptance of any items):


Car, boat, & other acid filled batteries, and alkaline batteries.


Covered Electronic Devices

Computers, Laptops, printers, fax machines, monitors, TV's, cell phones, tablets, video game and VCR/DVD machines, remotes, keyboards, mice, microwaves.


Used Motor Oil

Un-mixed, used motor oil only.  You will be required to empty all containers into the receptacle.  The empty containers must be taken home with you.  Be prepared to state how much oil you have and bring your own waste bag for the empties.



Be prepared to empty the used anti-freeze and take the empty container home with you for disposal in your household trash.